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Eastern European Travel Stories - A place to share
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Welcome and share your travel stories here!

Friends and family bored to tears with hearing the tales of all the exciting things that happened when you were traveling/living abroad? They can't relate - we can! Tell us more. We may be the only ones actually truly interested. (now you know that guy/gal who's been trying to hook up with you is just pretending to listen)

Post your tales here, long or short.

In short, this is a place to post your travel stories from your jaunts through Eastern Europe (other areas are fine as well, it's only a theme). Go on about the wonders of Budapest, the beauty of the Polish salt mines, ghostly Slavic towns, the mysterious feeling of which overtakes you as you walk the cobblestone streets of Prague's Old Town at night, Romania's rugged beauty, Bulgaria's timelessness, Croatia's amazing natural wonders and battle-ravaged historical sites, and on and so forth...

Rave over the famous places, the oddball finds, the quirky folk you met. We want to hear the good, the bad, and, yes, even the ugly. Tell us about the places you've seen. Perhaps you'll inspire someone here to visit your finds or favorite spots one day.

Want to talk about the interesting places you visited, that obscure but wickedly cool off the beaten path town where you adventured? That time you were in Prague and were chased by neo-nazis? That time you met . That time in Serbia where you were almost decapitated by a mortar? Well, if you tell us something that extreme we might doubt your credibility. However, if you assure us that it is indeed true, we might just believe you because crazy things DO happen in Eastern Europe.

We will listen. We will understand. We might even comment! All that we ask is that you lend us your ear when we are waxing nostalgic about our own travels.

Pictures are most welcome!