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Wheel of Fortune in Cetinje [Aug. 10th, 2006|03:17 pm]
Eastern European Travel Stories - A place to share
The night in Cetinje turned out to be quite an encounter with the wheel of fortune, who would take me up and down several times during the next two hours.

Being a leisuretime mystic is one thing. Finding accommodation in Cetinje late at night is something else indeed. A local told me to try the Grand Hotel. According to my guidebook, Grand Hotel is a relic from the Balkan Wars era, when Cetinje was the capital of a small but important player in the political game that was going on. The prices, however, were modern indeed, although indeed grand – 45 Euro a night. What to do? I walked around in the street, the starry skies less inspiring than they had been some minutes earlier now when I had found a mundane problem to occupy my mind.

I decided to go into an internet café and check the web for something else. By chance I happened to tell my problem to the guy behind the counter, who immediately told me to go around the block where I could rent a room for the night for the much more reasonable price of 10 Euro.

Following him I went to the house and rang the doorbell. No answer, although the lights were on, the windows open and a TV flickered in the living room upstairs. We shouted something that was probably the name of the owner and rang the bell again and again, with no success. Eventually my friend shrugged and left, while I continued ringing and shouting.

After about an hour of occasional ringing and shouting a little boy on a bicycle came by, and walked towards the door. I ran up to him and managed to catch him before he went inside and tell him in my not-so-fluent Serbian (or, if you want, Montenegrin) that I needed a bed for the night. That is how I was saved from the choice of walking the street or spending a fortune at the Grand Hotel.

The Black Mountains, Crna Gora covered in woods and often hidden behind clouds, which gave Montenegro its name...