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Hello! [Mar. 14th, 2006|03:23 pm]
Eastern European Travel Stories - A place to share


Hi everyone, I'm glad I found this community. Out of all the countries, I've travelled to, Eastern Europe is one of my favourite spots in the world. I travelled around Czech, Hungary and Romania last year and had a blast. The year before I travelled around Russia, and a little bit of Poland.

Prague, despite being very touristy, absolutely took my breath away. And Cesky Krumlov... what can I say... after travelling around Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia and the States, Cesky Krumlov is still number one on my top 5 favourite places in the world.

Stayed there for three nights, but could've stayed longer. An excellent spot to chill out and meet people. Stepping into the town was like stepping into a movie set. With a fairytale castle and all. *sigh* I would go back there any day.

Anyways, I'll travel more stories about my experiences in Eastern Europe at some stage. In the mean time, hoping to hear more stories from you guys.


[User Picture]From: drago_mi_je
2006-03-14 05:35 am (UTC)
Cesky Krumlov was lovely - your post brings back memories. *sniff*
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From: isismaddie
2006-09-14 10:01 pm (UTC)

cesky krumlov & a few others

yes, they brought back many beautiful memories. i loved cesky krumlov. our friends we were with slept in and didn't come.... their loss! i also loved CINQUE TERRE, ITALY & rothenberg, germany & gimmelwald, switzerland & brugge, belguim. i know they aren't eastern, but i thought i would mention them! they were all some of the smaller places i went.
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