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[Feb. 21st, 2006|03:57 pm]
Eastern European Travel Stories - A place to share


I've just discovered this community and I had a great time reading some of the stories here. I wish I'd had somewhere like this to post in the past when I've been travelling! Anyway, I hope this post is OK cos it's not so much a travel story as a few questions I want to ask to help me plan a trip - but hey, just think of it as encouragement to tell some of your stories!

I'm hopefully going to be doing a CELTA course in teaching English as a foreign language in Krakow this summer, so I'd love to hear from anyone who's spent time in that area and has any recommendations for places around there to visit at the weekends or anything else they think I should know.
After the course I'm planning to spend a week or so travelling - I'd like it to be more, but unfortunately I'll probably have to get back to England to start work. I really want to see Romania and Bulgaria because although I've travelled a lot around Europe, I've never got any further east than Hungary, and from what I know about that area I think I'd like it a lot. The only thing is, because I only have a week or so it's hard to narrow it down to fit it all in, so I'm hoping to get some recommendations for places I really shouldn't miss to help me plan where to go. I hate short trips where you don't really get to see a place properly, but I can't spare more time this summer so I'm hoping to just get a taste of the area and if I like what I see then I'll probably go back for a longer trip next year.

Anyway, my loose plan is to take the train from Krakow to Bratislava, stay there for one night, then fly to Bucharest and spend about a week in Romania and Bulgaria, then fly back to England from Sofia. If anyone has any recommendations for places they think I should include in my trip, that would be fantastic.
I like a mix of cities/towns and countryside, and I'm interested in historical stuff, art and culture. I'm not remotely interested in beaches, shopping or nightlife, so don't tell me to go to any of the beach resorts!! Also, would you recommend bus or train for travelling around this area?

Thanks for any advice you can offer! Sorry if you end up reading this more than once, I've cross-posted it to a few communities so I'll hopefully get lots of answers.

[User Picture]From: drago_mi_je
2006-03-14 03:25 am (UTC)
Welcome and hope to see more of you!
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